A dedicated platform to bring your products to the BRITISH MARKETS, wherever you are.

A dedicated platform to bring your products to the BRITISH MARKETS, wherever you are.

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Free Consultation

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It is hard to know what the UK import regulations on food are. Having a unique, accessible and user-friendly source such as Prowexx is a game changer for us.

Juan, a mango and pineapple farmer from Mexico

Prowexx idea to facilitate new products reaching the UK markets is great as I already have a few in mind. I wonder why this was not done before!

Aida, an expert in service design & innovation

The service provided by Prowexx is very valuable as it explores new markets for us without having to implement a heavy export strategy. Also, the fee structure is very attractive as it is predominantly upon the success of the operation.

Patricia, a major European beverage producer
Prowexx connects

Prowexx connects International producers particularly in the food industry with the British market and its key players.

Prowexx connects International producers particularly in the food industry with the British market and its key players.

Prowexx fills a structural gap where small companies willing to enter the UK market, lack innovative tools for such projects. These companies are often left confused by the conflicting information they get via unreliable sources. This makes their effort to export, uncertain and potentially loss making. Prowexx via a web-based platform provides the insight to those companies so that they are confident that their strategy to export to Britain is solid. In addition, Prowexx provides them with a matchmaking module which puts them in touch with British customers. This is achieved thanks to a powerful algorithm which only proposes solid and ready partners to all parties.

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Why Prowexx?

1. Market expertise
A new and smart way to have a good understanding of the UK as an export market without expensive consultancy and hiring costs.

2. High quality standards
Prowexx platform combined with a high level of support allow you to improve your processes and products and beat fierce competition to reach the British markets.

3. Standardisation
Use the platform to standardise your marketing material so that it corresponds to the UK buyers expectation hence increasing your chances of doing business with them.

4. A Rich database
Access to a wide and established network of buyers and distributors from one side and manufacturers and producers on the other. Such companies are active and willing to establish new trade relationships.

5. Support and advice
In addition to the online platform, Prowexx teams use the wealth of experience they have by interacting with the different players in the market to give you the right advice before putting you in front of such demanding buyers base.

Prowexx Client Cases



We work with Fruit producers from Latin America, Europe and the North Africa region to develop their business in Britain. Fruits can be challenging at times as we need to maintain the freshness of the product and overcome transport conditions and delays. Also, competitive markets mean that pricing and logistics, when done correctly can give us a decisive edge.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Several olive oil producers are benefiting from the platform to market their produce to the British market. Some of them are already established in their home countries and some others are new comers.We take great pride in introducing such a healthy Mediterranean product and provide the market with quality and innovative options.

Seasoning and Flavouring

Seasoning and Flavouring

A Huge and yet still an under developed market in the UK, we have clients from Europe and Middle East who are eager to succeed in exporting to UK. Some are successful in North America and some others in European countries. We work with 100 year companies as with  newly established one.



Like Fruits, vegetables can be a challenging product as freshness is key. Some producers from Tunisia, Netherlands and Spain are working with us and we have developed a good market expertise to take on more projects. Please get in touch whether you grow cucumbers, lettuce or sweet peppers!

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea

A Japanese manufacturer has mandated us to bring their products to the UK. a competitive market and also an interesting product and marketing material adaptation. Prowexx team has developed a wealth of experience in most global markets allowing us to bring value to such setups and get them up to speed to British standards.

Healthy Food

Healthy Food

We help a group of producers from the same Mediterranean region promote and sell the produce in the UK. The common factor between these products is the great benefit they bring to people’s diets and the positive impact on their health. The European Union supports such initiatives and therefore facilitates our mission here.



Predominantly non alcoholic, healthy drinks are the focus here. Innovative product ranges such as Acai juice are en vogue especially with all the health benefit they carry.



Prowexx has established relationships in the Far East and in Europe to source Health and Beauty products. If you are looking for innovative products or other more established trends, you can ask our team for tips and advice.

Essential oils

Essential oils

Prowexx is also active in non food products. As an example, we are working with a South American supplier who produces Chia Oil, Moringa, Copaiba etc. These are particularly in demand in the cosmetics industry. Their logistics is quite easy too!

Prowexx For International Suppliers

Find your Business partners in the UK and establish your export business

Product adaptation and regulatory requirements

  • Product compliance with UK market requirements and regulations
  • Export Procedure
  • Execution of export (UK aspects)

Market Analysis

  • Existing products and sellers in the UK market
  • Price analysis
  • Product demand and opportunities
  • Market trends and identification of distribution channels

Go-to-Market Service

  • Web based marketing platform dedicated to our customers
  • Adaptation of marketing material to the highest standards
  • Standardisation and publication in a carefully selected strategy

Matchmaking and execution

  • Systemic approach in finding the right business partners thanks to an extensive network

  • Efficient follow-up with buyers thanks to an ideal London location

  • Execution of the actual export procedure with the contribution of our service providers

Prowexx For British Buyers

Access exporters and products from all over the world and get Prowexx to alleviate the selection process for you

Access to new Products and Partners

British distributors have a new way to find new suppliers and products on a single platform and with all the information needed to consider them.

Interact only with “UK-Ready” Suppliers

Suppliers on the platform have already been vetted and their value proposition (including their marketing material) perfected to be serious candidates to become a new partner to you. So you will spend less time filtering the offers and you only focus on developed and ready offers fitting your requirements.

Use the platform as your agent

Instead of dealing with many different interlocutors located in different parts of the world and face communication difficulties, you only deal with Prowexx and use the standard digital platform to standardise the follow-ups, saving you a lot of effort and avoid miscommunication, delays and misunderstandings.

A Suppliers repository and an execution portal

You can also use the platform to bring your existing suppliers into it so it makes the whole interaction with them standardised and following a rigorous and unique process.  You will be able to track the execution of the deals, store the relevant documents, reach the right parties and remove a bulk of manual processing from your operations.

Prowexx for Service Providers

New clients and business opportunities

Once on-boarded, you will have access to trade deals in an early stage and would be able to showcase your offer and have a chance to be selected

Enquiries quality and standardisation

You will have a single channel to deal with customers through the platform. You minimise operational risks and potential misunderstandings and conflicts. Conducting a trade operation becomes much more fluid

Execution Portal

Service providers selected by the client, will have access to the execution portal so will be in sync with the various participants regarding the evolution of the operation

Partners with

Who we are?

We want to empower our clients to grow their export business. We thrive to introduce digital solutions to a traditionally manual sector making the transactions safer, and more transparent thus upgrading to the entire value chain.

Contact Us
Rached Khanfir, Managing Director and CTO

Rached Khanfir
Managing Director and CTO

Rached has a rich experience in Finance, Technology and Retail. He worked at leading investment banks such as JP Morgan, Citigroup and BNP Paribas, where he led various structuring and marketing teams across worldwide markets. He also led a major project in opening a chain of shopping malls and retail stores. Rached graduated from Ecole Polytechnique.

David Crane, Senior Adviser

David Crane
Senior Adviser in UK trade

David is a leading British publisher, owner and founder of Crane Press Ltd. He has a 35-year career in publishing and media sales and has served on boards at many distinguished names including Random House, Transworld and Pearson Longman. David has an extensive experience in international trade with unique knowledge of the UK import market.

Lina Hamdi, Marketing and Operations

Lina Hamdi
Marketing and Operations

Lina joined Prowexx to enhance our marketing operations in the UK. Thanks to her, we are establishing ourselves as an innovative solution to our client base. She also conducts market analysis for new customers and assesses their “product to market” fit. Lina holds a double degree in marketing and is also passionate about charity.


Attilio Pietranera
Senior Adviser, Finance

Attilio advises the team on critical topics such as financing, business planning and recruitment. He is a Non-Executive Director of several financial institutions and had senior positions as head of structured credit trading in major banks such as Merrill Lynch, Mediobanca and Deutsche Bank in London and Tokyo. Attilio is a graduate from Università degli Studi di Milano

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