About us

We connect global producers with the UK market and empower both sides for an automated and digital product discovery.

Prowexx marketplace


We are a UK based start-up connecting the British food buyers’ community with suppliers worldwide. Our web-based B2B online marketplace portal facilitates product discovery, making connections with new producers and standardises the communication with those partners. Automation and efficiency differentiate us from manual processes and improve the user experience even when dealing with existing suppliers.

Prowexx Digitising procurement

Prowexx is based in London. We are the only dedicated B2B market portal to link UK buyers and worldwide producers. Our portfolio of suppliers is growing steadily and as such we are offering constantly new products to our UK buyers’ community. We believe this interaction should not be mechanical and laborious. It should leverage the technology available to users so that buyers can discover new products with full data embedded at inception, helping to quicken the decision-making process. It helps producers showcase their range quickly and efficiently and therefore reach new markets.

So, along with our commitment to building this B2B online marketplace portal, we maintain and nurture direct interaction and human contact. We believe that instead of attending trade fairs with uncertain outcomes and high fees, trade can be boosted when it is conducted on a trustworthy, reliable and smart platform in which we strongly believe.

Food & Consumer products

Prowexx is filling a gap in what tools are available when it comes to sourcing consumer products. Initially, our core products’ universe in Food & Beverage which has its own specificities and challenges. We have on-boarded many producers from Europe, Latin America, and Asia and we are continuing to do so. We position ourselves fine food in UK, produced by small and medium companies and we pride ourselves in being their go-to company when it comes to export to the UK.

A comprehensive solution

Prowexx is not merely an eCommerce website, it is much more than that: For suppliers, we give answers to problems they face in a new market: regulation, labelling, customs, competition, consumer behaviour and so on. We complement the product showcasing with an ordering tool, a communication system, a data repository, a collaboration tool with each other where we also bring third-party service providers to the mix. We have created a B2B online marketplace portal whose mission is to dot the I’s and cross the t’s so that trade is conducted seamlessly.

Our values

Our primary values empower us to work passionately with each other maintaining a high level of trust, competence and performance:

  1. Serving Producers and buyers through B2B portal
  2. Driving change and sponsor it
  3. Focus on efficiency
  4. Partnering and collaboration
  5. Trust and confidence

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