Prowexx connects

Prowexx connects International producers particularly in the food industry with the British market and its key players.

Prowexx fills a structural gap where small companies willing to enter the UK market, lack innovative tools for such projects. These companies are often left confused by the conflicting information they get via unreliable sources. This makes their effort to export, uncertain and potentially loss making. Prowexx via a web-based platform provides the insight to those companies so that they are confident that their strategy to export to Britain is solid. In addition, Prowexx provides them with a matchmaking module which puts them in touch with British customers. This is achieved thanks to a powerful algorithm which only proposes solid and ready partners to all parties.

On the other hand, Prowexx provides a great tool to British buyers as it gives them access to the International sellers in a standardised manner and with a product proposal that has been perfected and vetted beforehand. This saves them an important amount of time and lets them focus only on the potential partners who have upgraded their offer to match expectations.

Buyers and Suppliers benefit from the platform when it comes to keeping track of the partnership progress. The flow of information and documents is done online and in a standardised manner thus removing manual work. Also, when the transaction is agreed, all the documentation and execution is done digitally on the platform providing a great level of efficiency. Since various service providers in logistics, finance etc. are also on the platform, substantial costs are saved on the operational aspects. This  directly impacts the business of our customers and gives them an edge versus their competitors. Please click on the link below to download our company brochure.

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