FAQ For Suppliers

Learn how we help you Export to the UK  

Export to the UK

1. General

We’re excited to have you join us! We’ll be reaching out soon to request the following to get you up and running on our platform:

  • a completed questionnaire
  • Product photography, if you have any

We’re happy to help out with the above, just shoot us a note at info@prowexx.com and let us know.


How am I going to be notified about incoming orders?

You are kept up to date mainly via the internal communication system which also generates emails to notify you.

What do I have to do when I receive an order?

If you accept an order, you are required to make the package ready for shipping. If you are using your own delivery solution you are required to share the tracking link. We cannot make any payment to you if we don’t have that link.

What if the ordered products are not shipped properly?

In case a customer contacts us with a complaint we track the product’s way from the seller to delivery and buyer. We may contact you when investigating at which step the problem could have occurred.


How and when will I receive my payment?

You will be paid via bank transfer as soon as we have the transport tracking link and the invoice. Please add your bank account number accurately during registration including account name, IBAN and SWIFT code.

Where can I see my invoices?

You can find your invoices in the document portal of your account.


What do I need to do for the shipping?

You are required to make the package ready for shipping. In case your product is fragile, we kindly ask you to pack accordingly.


What are my responsibilities if the buyer returns my product?

The buyer has the right to withdraw orders within 14 days from delivery without any specific reason, except in case of fresh food and sealed products which were open after delivery. If the buyer withdraws his order within 14 days, the purchase is considered cancelled. In case of receiving problematic products the buyer has 8 days from delivery to report the issue to us. If the buyer reports a problem with the product, we investigate if it was supplier or delivery service responsibility and we may charge the cost of return on the responsible party.