2020 promises to be a year in which the way B2B business is conducted is going to go through important and structural changes. The digitisation of the relationship is real and many companies are focusing their efforts on bridging the gap between buyers and sellers and allow for a smooth relationship B2B. Team Prowexx is focusing particularly on the UK market and is bringing ideas as to how much gap is bridged and seamless business is conductedB2B

Such a gap can be cultural, linguistic, or simply a different level of expectations, it is particularly acute when the audience is from a demanding market such as the British market, and the producers are small and traditional from around the globe.

How can I fill this gap?

At Prowexx, the B2B Marketplace gap is viewed as a real issue that can be solved in various ways:

  • Understand your buyer: see what they have bought previously, what are their expectations, volumes, timelines…
  • Focus on the process: It is sometimes more important to focus on the process whether the production, the logistics or the follow-ups rather than the end product itself. Also, it is important to showcase the story, the passion, the history behind a certain supplier and its product range.
  • Execution is key: it does not matter if you have the perfect product if it does not reach its destination on time and in good condition.

Sales people are always taught to understand their buyer’s needs and map products according to their needs. Their challenge is that they deal with multiple clients with different mindsets but a common theme is always there and they can be very effective when they apply a certain recipe to their offering.

So, what buyers want?

The usual parameters are constant:

  • Competitive prices.
  • Quality products.
  • Problem-solving solutions.
  • Good service value.
  • Quick seller contact.
  • User-friendly website.
  • Good product recommendations.
  • Fast and timely delivery.
  • Detail product description with warranty.

This level of expectation is not going to change anytime soon so suppliers can automate their offering and Prowexx allows them to do so. Not only they will gain significant time but also, they will make the life of their customers easier and that’s the first victory. Having a platform to rely on to standardise the products and to answer most of the buyer’s questions before even they start asking puts the seller in a prime position straightaway.

Obviously, there will be follow-ups, peculiarities and special situations to address but at least, you have started talking the buyer’s language and you have bridged the gap significantly. The preliminary work has been done and the product Is “UK-Ready” and almost “Buyer-Ready”. There will still be competition on quality and price or both but at least you are not missing an opportunity because you forgot to mention a key selling point or you have not presented your product in an aesthetic manner.

Your focus will be on what you know best, your product and the focus of your buyer will be on the business case and not on time-consuming details. Nothing is lost in translation, and gaps have shrunk thanks to the wonders of today’s digital landscape.