If you believe that your product is ideal for a big retailer, then you need to understand what drives your buyer so that you position yourself accordingly:

1. Buyers merely answer their client’s wishes

Retailers are always looking for new products on their shelves, but the whole exercise would be worthless if consumers do not buy them. The sales from customers are the most important criteria. It does not matter whether the buyer personally likes the product or not if it has no traction with consumers. Retailers not only think about the first sale but also how often the consumer is likely to buy the same item again or refer it to their circle.

2. Product expertise

What is better than a retailer to know how en-vogue is a product over another. They have immediate feedback every day from their customer’s Buyers and they know perfectly their product sector. They are always up to date with new arrivals in the market. They usually know what the market competitors are selling. They join trade exhibitions to be kept abreast of the latest trends. They also have the tendency of following each other and grabbing products which they are selling fast at their competition.

Buyers are particularly keen to hear a revenue analysis regarding sales and margins, so be prepared for showing the numbers.

3. Constant innovations

One of the major reasons why UK buyers go to a B2B platform such asProwexx is that they are always looking for innovative products. If there is a way for them to discover quickly such products and make the first move then they are in business and what is best to do so than reaching all these novelties in a digital and scalable way. For a supplier to go this route is to have a fast track to these retailers and will not have to wait for the perfect meeting or a strike of luck at a fair.

4. Tried and tested

One argument to put forward straight away is where your product has had success already. Do not be shy to brag about it. Do not forget the sweet feedback you had from one previous buyer. If you are at a Michelin star restaurant, start your pitch stating it. And ask your happy clients for permission, there is nothing more comforting to retailers than knowing that others took the risk and it paid off for them.

5. Be Retail-Ready

It does not matter much if your product looks good or tastes good if it did not go through the operational hurdles. Is it safe for the consumer, has it been accredited? Is it healthy? Is the packaging and labelling of the highest standards? Yes, you need a good product but you also need to tick many other boxes and it is important to check what features a retailer looks at most before going and telling him you have a good product.

At Prowexx, you have a dedicated and flexible page to provide the above information, whether it is for all buyers or custom made to a buyer versus another, we make sure you have rich and complete information so that buyers consider your offer and make a move towards listing your range.