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a Powerful online presence

  • A web-based B2B online platform to showcase products in a way that is required by UK Buyers i.e. complete, solid and user-friendly.

  • Showcase to UK Buyers and make connections with those who express interest. Algorithmic approach to match making buyers and suppliers.

  • Complete your marketing with physical presence to trade fairs with Prowexx setup.

Product upgrade

  • Product range analysis to fit UK market: Guidelines on labelling, packaging, consumer preferences, and certifications

  • Upgrade of Marketing materials to UK standards. Possibility to use same marketing material with all clients thus significantly reducing marketing costs and simplifying the marketing exercise.

  • Pricing analysis and advice

Market Analysis

  • Advice on the existing products and Suppliers in the UK marketplace

  • Product demand and opportunities

  • Market trends and identification of distribution channels


  • Quick and reliable payments: We pay upfront for the products on all trusted suppliers. Removing the strain of late payments.

  • Export procedures advice, insights and tools to export

  • Discover trusted UK service providers that meet your specific needs either in regulation, design, transport or other areas