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Prowexx is the leading online platform dedicated to streamlining the relationship between small producers and the UK market

Prowexx is the leading online platform dedicated to streamlining the relationship between small producers and the UK market

a growing and quality selection of producers

standardisation and reliance on a UK based counterpart

a more direct supply chain resulting in more attractive wholesale prices

Prowexx Client Cases

Healthy Food | Fruits


Fruits Suppliers

We work with Fruit producers from Latin America, Europe and the North Africa region to develop their business in Britain. Fruits can be challenging at times as we need to maintain the freshness of the product and overcome transport conditions and delays. Also, competitive markets mean that pricing and logistics, when done correctly can give us a decisive edge.

Olive Oil | Prowexx

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Suppliers

Several olive oil suppliers are benefiting from the platform to market their products to the British market. Some of them are already established in their home countries and some others are new comers.We take great pride in introducing such a healthy Mediterranean products and provide the market with quality and innovative options.

Seasoning and Flavouring Agents

Seasoning and Flavouring

Seasoning and Flavouring

A Huge and yet still an under developed market in the UK, we have clients from Europe and Middle East who are eager to succeed in exporting to UK. Some are successful in North America and some others in European countries. We work with 100 year companies as with  newly established one.

Vegetables - Prowexx


Vegetables Suppliers

We have defined settlements with vegetable suppliers from Tunisia, Spain, and the Netherlands. Like other deli fine foods, vegetables can be a challenging product as freshness is the preference for maintaining the quality of food products. Get in touch with us whether you grow cucumber, lettuce, or sweet peppers. We showcase products to our B2B online marketplace and connects you with buyers in UK

Herbal Tea | Suppliers In Uk

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea Suppliers

Best Herbal tea suppliers from Japan have mandated us to find the buyer in the UK. They are ambitious to introduce their products to the UK market. They guarantee a competitive market with interesting new product and marketing material adaption. Prowexx team has globally served a wealth of experience in online B2B marketing. Which enables value to B2B trade sites and drives them to stimulate the UK markets.

Healthy Foods |Prowexx

Healthy Food

Healthy Food Suppliers

We have joined hands with a group of Mediterranean suppliers who wish to promote their deli fine food products to the B2B online marketplace. They are curious to develop communications with suppliers to sell their health food products.  These healthy food products meet the standards of quality and therefore the European Union supports our mission.

Beverage | Suppliers in UK Marketplace


Beverages Suppliers

Our beverage suppliers showcase innovative product ranges such as Acai juices are en vogue especially with all their health benefits. This range of beverages includes predominantly none alcoholic healthy beverages to export to the UK. Our B2B online directory facilities UK buyers to communicate with beverage suppliers who wish to sell their products online.


Beauty Products

Prowexx has solidified the supplier’s relationship in Europe and the Far East to source their beauty products on this the best B2B online marketplace. We are here to entertain you with our unique suggestions about health and beauty trends. Our online B2B online marketplace offers you tips and advice.

Essential Oil | Suppliers in UK Market

Essential oils

Essential oils Suppliers

Prowexx is actively involved in the transaction of none food items. Our essential oil suppliers from South America produce and supply Chai Oil, Maringa and Copaiba. These products are highly in demand by the buyers of the UK. The reason is their use in the cosmetic industry and their easy administration. It offers buyers in the UK the best B2B trade site to get affiliated with.

Partners with

Italia Longevity | Prowexx Client
Food Matters Live 2019 | Prowexx Client
INSULA | Prowexx Client
Mealz | Prowexx Client

Prowexx Success Stories

It is hard to know what the UK import regulations on food are. Having a unique, accessible and user-friendly source such as Prowexx is a game changer for us.

Juan, a mango and pineapple farmer from Mexico

Prowexx idea to facilitate new products reaching the UK markets is great as I already have a few in mind. I wonder why this was not done before!

Aida, an expert in service design & innovation

The service provided by Prowexx is very valuable as it explores new markets for us without having to implement a heavy export strategy. Also, the fee structure is very attractive as it is predominantly upon the success of the operation.

Patricia, a major European beverage producer

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