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Prowexx For British Buyers

Access exporters and products from all over the world and get Prowexx to alleviate the selection process for you

Access to new Products and Partners

British distributors have a new way to find new suppliers and products on a single platform and with all the information needed to consider them.

Interact only with “UK-Ready” Suppliers

Suppliers on the platform have already been vetted and their value proposition (including their marketing material) perfected to be serious candidates to become a new partner to you. So you will spend less time filtering the offers and you only focus on developed and ready offers fitting your requirements.

Use the platform as your agent

Instead of dealing with many different interlocutors located in different parts of the world and face communication difficulties, you only deal with Prowexx and use the standard digital platform to standardise the follow-ups, saving you a lot of effort and avoid miscommunication, delays and misunderstandings.

A Suppliers repository and an execution portal

You can also use the platform to bring your existing suppliers into it so it makes the whole interaction with them standardised and following a rigorous and unique process.  You will be able to track the execution of the deals, store the relevant documents, reach the right parties and remove a bulk of manual processing from your operations.

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