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Prowexx provides a tool for finding new suppliers and sourcing new products, along with a growing database of already vetted pruduct offers


Products are already vetted by us and UK-ready, offered at producers prices. Process driven by UK buyers

Easy to browse, filter products based on origin, certifications or any other relevant requirement.


UK Buyers do not need to deal with each producer differently anymore. They face a UK company bringing trust and quality processes

Prowexx extends 30-day payment line to trusted clients thus allowing them to conduct sales without worrying about cashflow profiles.


An online system for order processing and invoicing. Substantial cost saving compared to manual operations. No need to chase invoices, orders, suppliers etc. so margin of error is significantly reduced.


Our platform integrates Logistics and other service providers thus handling execution in an innovative and cost efficient manner.
Integrate the platform with your own systems to standardise product submissions and making the selection process much more enjoyable.